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07-10-2019 Re: Felling of Trees in Aarey Forest (Maharashtra) 
On mentioning, these matters are taken on Board....
    Suo Moto Writ Petition (Civil) No. 2/2019
04-10-2019 Ramesh Nivrutti Bhagwat v. Dr. Surendra Manohar Parakhe 
This appeal by special leave questions the decision of the Bombay High Court affirming the rejection of an application for revocation of letters of administration granted to the respondent, (hereafter “the LOA holder”), in respect of the will of deceased Mrs. Antoinette Bendre B...
    Civil Appeal No. 1399 of 2010
04-10-2019 Ravi Setia v. Madan Lal and Others 
The plaintiff assails correctness of the order allowing the second appeal of the defendants. ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 2837 of 2011
04-10-2019 Madhoor Buildwell Pvt. Ltd. v. Yeola Municipal Council and Others 
The order dated November 16, 2017 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay is the subject matter of challenge in the present appeal....
    Civil Appeal No. 7798 of 2019
04-10-2019 C/M Kisan Inter College Manager v. State of Uttar Pradesh and Others 
The regularization of the service of Respondent No. 5-Shri Ram Mani Pandey as L.T. Grade Teacher in the Appellant-College is the subject matter of the above Appeals....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 7532-7533 of 2019
04-10-2019 Fainul Khan v. State of Jharkhand and Another 
 The appellants are aggrieved by their conviction under Section 302/149 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) sentencing them to rigorous imprisonment for life, along with conviction under Sections 323/149 and 147 IPC, sentencing them to varied terms ...
    Criminal Appeal No(s). 937 of 2011
04-10-2019 Pruthvirajsinh Nodhubha Jadeja (D) By LRs. v. 
By means of this appeal, the appellants who are defendants in the suit, have challenged the order of the High Court dated 26.03.2009 whereby the order of the trial court has been set aside and the respondent no. 1 herein has been permitted to be added as plaintiff n...
    Civil Appeal No. 10521 of 2013
04-10-2019 Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd. v. K.S. Infraspace LLP and Another 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 7843 of 2019
04-10-2019 Nusli Neville Wadia v. Ivory Properties and Others 
The reference has been made by a Division Bench of this Court vide order dated 17.8.2015, doubting the correctness of the decision of this Court in Foreshore Cooperative Housing Society Limited v. Praveen D. Desai (Dead) through Legal Representatives, ...
    Special Leave Petition (Civil) Nos. 31982-31983 of 2013
04-10-2019 Kerala State Beverages (M and M) Corporation Limited v. P.P. Suresh and Others 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 7804-7813 of 2019
04-10-2019 IC 29547 L. Bobby Joseph v. 
The Appellant was granted Short Service Commission on 15.06.1969 and Permanent Commission on 15.06.1974....
    Civil Appeal No. ... of 2019 [@ Diary No. 10043 of 2017]
04-10-2019 Raj Kumar v. State of Uttar Pradesh 
 Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal No. 1541 of 2019
04-10-2019 Kantilal v. State of Gujarat 
On 02.10.2013, Maheshwari committed suicide by jumping from Jamalpur Bridge into Sabarmati River. ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1519 of 2019
04-10-2019 Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation v. Danish Khan 
The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (for short, ‘the Corporation’) has filed the above Appeal aggrieved by the judgment of the Rajasthan High Court of Judicature, Jaipur Bench by which Regulation 4(3) of the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation ...
    Civil Appeal No. 7802 of 2019
04-10-2019 Yatinkumar Jasubhai Patel and Others v. State of Gujarat and Others 
Leave granted in the special leave petition....
    Civil Appeal No. 7939 of 2019
04-10-2019 State of Arunachal Pradesh v. Ramchandra Rabidas and Another 
The issue which has arisen for consideration in the present Criminal Appeals is whether the Gauhati High Court was justified in issuing directions that road traffic offences shall be dealt with only under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (“M.V. Act...
    Criminal Appeal No. 905 of 2010
04-10-2019 Duncans Industries Ltd. v. A.J. Agrochem 
Feeling aggrieved and dissatisfied with the impugned judgment and order dated 20.06.2019 passed by the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (for short “NCLAT”) by which the learned Appellate Tribunal has allowed the said appeal preferred by the respondent her...
    Civil Appeal No. 5120 of 2019
04-10-2019 R. Srinivas Kumar v. R. Shametha 
Feeling aggrieved and dissatisfied with the impugned judgment and order dated 06.02.2012 passed in C.M.A. No. 4142 of 2003 by the High Court of Judicature Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad, by which the High Court has dismissed the said appeal preferred by the appellant-h...
    Civil Appeal No. 4696 of 2013
04-10-2019 Vidhi Himmat Katariya and Others v. State of Gujarat and Others 
 In all the writ petitions, the respective petitioners - students have prayed for an appropriate writ, order or direction directing the respondents - State Government to treat the petitioners eligible for reservation under Persons with Disabili...
    Writ Petition (C) No. 885/2019
03-10-2019 Okhla Enclave Plot Holders' Welfare Association v. Union of India and Others 
The present dispute pertains to claim of number of allottees who have not been allotted plots on land owned by respondent No. 6-Colonizer and not paid the amount to the Town and Country Planning for internal and external development. ...
    Writ Petition (C) No. 876 of 1996
03-10-2019 Ishwari Lal Yadav v. State of Chhattisgarh 
All these appeals are directed against the common judgment of the High Court of Chhattisgarh at Bilaspur dated 01.12.2016 passed in Criminal Reference No. 1 of 2014 and Criminal Appeal No. 511 of 2014, as such they are disposed of by this common judgment and order.<...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 1416-1417 of 2017
03-10-2019 Air Commodore Naveen Jain v. Union of India and Others 
The challenge in the present appeal is to an order passed by the Armed Forces Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi1 on March 9, 2016 whereby, the Original Application filed by the appellant was dismissed and also an order of the same date declining leave ...
    Civil Appeal No. 3019 of 2017
03-10-2019 Ravishankar v. State of Madhya Pradesh 
Delay condoned. ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1523-1524 of 2019
03-10-2019 No. 14666828M Ex CFN Narsingh Yadav v. Union of India and Others 
The challenge in the present appeal is to an order passed by the Armed Forces Tribunal, Lucknow1 on September 23, 2011 whereby, the claim of the appellant for grant of disability pension was not accepted....
    Civil Appeal No. 7672 of 2019
03-10-2019 Satish Kumar v. State of Haryana 
The impugned judgment dated September 19, 2008 passed by the Punjab & Haryana High Court affirms conviction of the present appellant Satish Kumar and one Dhajja Ram for murder of Shamsher under Section 302 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code (hereinaft...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1835 of 2010
03-10-2019 Smt. Kasturibai Sukharam Khandelwal Trust v. Indore Development Authority and Others 
Both the appellants (respondents before the High Court) being dissatisfied with the impugned judgment dated 4th November, 2008 have preferred these appeals....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 5308 of 2010
03-10-2019 Ravi v. State of Maharashtra 
These appeals assail the judgment dated 20th January, 2016 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Bench at Aurangabad, confirming the death reference in the Sessions Case No. 127 of 2012 decided by the Additional Sessions Judge, Jalna, in which...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 1488-1489 of 2018
03-10-2019 Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. v. Tejparas Associates & Exports Pvt. Ltd. 
The appellant insurance company had issued fire insurance policy in respect of the plant and machinery of the respondent company. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 6524 of 2009
03-10-2019 M. Ramalingam v. State Represented by Inspector of Police SBE/CBI/ACB, Madras 
The instant appeals arise from the common judgment dated 21st July, 2009 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Madras upholding the conviction of the appellant T. Maran (accused no. 1) for offences under Section 120B, 467, 467 read with 471, 420, 477-...
    Criminal Appeal No(s). 1949 of 2009
03-10-2019 Virudhunagar Hindu Nadargal Dharma Paribalana Sabai and Others v. Tuticorin Educational Society and Others 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 7764 of 2019
03-10-2019 Ishwari Lal Yadav and Another v. State of Chhattisgarh 
Leave granted. ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1522 of 2019
03-10-2019 State of West Bengal and Others v. Calcutta Club Limited 
This Appeal arises out of a reference order by a Division Bench of this Court, reported in State of West Bengal v. Calcutta Club Limited (2017) 5 SCC 356. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 4184 of 2009
01-10-2019 Oriental Bank of Commerce and Others v. Janak Raj Sharma 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 7757 of 2003
01-10-2019 Krishna Devi Maheshwari v. Surendra Surekha 
We have heard Mr. V.C. Shukla, learned counsel appearing for the appellant....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 26/2016
01-10-2019 Brijesh Kumar and Another v. Shardabai (Dead) by LRs. and Others 
The appellants are aggrieved by the order allowing the plaintiff's second appeal. ...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 1090 of 2008
01-10-2019 Sudam @ Rahul Kaniram Jadhav v. State of Maharashtra 
The instant review proceedings pertain to Review Petition (Cri.) No. D19901 of 2012 seeking to review the final judgment and order dated 04.07.2011 passed by this Court in Criminal Appeal Nos. 185-86 of 2011 dismissing the appeal filed by the Review Petitioner (in s...
    Review Petition (Crl.) Nos. 401-402 of 2012 In Criminal Appeal Nos. 185-186 of 2011
01-10-2019 Union of India v. State of Maharashtra and Others 
The Union of India has filed the instant petition for review of the judgment and order dated 20.3.2018 passed by this Court in Criminal Appeal No. 416 of 2018. ...
    Review Petition (Crl.) No. 228 of 2018 In Criminal Appeal No. 416 of 2018
01-10-2019 Satish Ukey v. Devendra Gangadharrao Fadnavis and Another 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 1515-1516 of 2019
01-10-2019 Mohinder Kaur v. Sant Paul Singh 
The defendant is in appeal, aggrieved by the concurrent findings decreeing the suit for specific performance filed by the respondent....
    Civil Appeal No(s). 2869-2870 of 2010
01-10-2019 Dist. Collector Satara and Another v. Mangesh Nivrutti Kashid 
The freedom at midnight was followed by the framing of the Indian Constitution. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 2723 of 2015

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