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12-01-2017 Reliance Telecom Ltd. & Anr. v. Union of India & Anr. 
The three transferred cases, namely, Transfer Case (Civil) No. 43 of 2015, Transfer Case (Civil) No. 64 of 2015 and Transfer Case (Civil) No. 65 of 2015, had their origin in the High Courts of Delhi, Tripura and Karnataka respectively....
    Transfer Case (Civil) No. 43 of 2015
12-01-2017 Union of India and Ors. v. K.P. Singh and Anr. 
The respondents in the aforementioned two appeals and the petitioner in the companion writ petition served as officers of Army Medical Corps, a Medical Service, under the Government of India, with more than 20 years of commissioned/Group-A gazette service....
    Civil Appeal No. 3798 of 2015
11-01-2017 United Finance Corporation v. M.S.M. Haneefa 
Brief facts which led to filing of this appeal are as under...
    Civil Appeal No. 4204 of 2007
10-01-2017 Saloni Arora v. State of NCT of Delhi 
S.L.P.(Crl.) No. 8184 of 2015 is filed against the order dated 06.07.2015 passed by the High Court of Delhi at New Delhi in Crl.M.C. No. 2447 of 2012 whereby the High Court disposed of the petition and directed the Registrar General of the High Court of Delhi to make a formal compla...
    Criminal Appeal No. 64 of 2017
06-01-2017 Ajay Singh and Anr. and Etc. v. State of Chhattisgarh and Anr. 
Performance of judicial duty in the manner prescribed by law is fundamental to the concept of rule of law in a democratic State....
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 32-33 of 2017
06-01-2017 The State of Telangana v. Habib Abdullah Jeelani & Ors. 
The seminal issue that arises for consideration in this appeal, by special leave, is whether the High Court while refusing to exercise inherent powers under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) to interfere in an application for quashment of the investigation, can re...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1144 of 2016
06-01-2017 Sri Ganesh v. State of Tamil Nadu and Anr. 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal No. 39 of 2017
06-01-2017 Behram Tejani & Ors. v. Azeem Jagani 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 150 of 2017
06-01-2017 In Re - Blog Published by Justice Markandey Katju Dated 17th September, 2016-Titled “Soumya Murder Case’ 
In view of the apology tendered by the respondent which has been duly verified, we close the instant matters....
    Suo Motu Contempt Petition (Criminal) No. 4 of 2016
06-01-2017 Md. Sajjad @ Raju @ Salim v. State of West Bengal 
This appeal by special leave challenges the Judgment and Order dated 20.04.2010 passed by the High Court at Calcutta dismissing Criminal Appeal No. 53 of 1997 preferred by the appellant herein and thereby affirming his conviction and sentence under Section 302 read with Section 34 o...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1953 of 2010
06-01-2017 State of West Bengal & Ors. v. Tuhin Sultan Mallick & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 210 of 2017
05-01-2017 Commissioner Central Excise, Bangalore v. M/s. United Spirits Ltd. & Anr. 
The respondent is a manufacturer of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and is a registered owner of several known brands of IMFL. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 5003 of 2006
05-01-2017 Secretary Mahatama Gandhi Mission & Another v. Bhartiya Kamgar Sena & Others 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 115-116 of 2017
05-01-2017 Government of NCT of Delhi Through Secretary, Land & Building Department and Anr. v. Gautam Chopra & Ors. 
Delay condoned. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 123 of 2017
04-01-2017 Gopal and Sons (HUF) v. CIT Kolkata-XI 
The appellant/assessee, in the instant appeal, has raised following question of law for determination:...
    Civil Appeal No. 12274 of 2016
04-01-2017 Gautam Jain v. Union of India & Anr. 
On 21.11.2013 and 22.11.2013, the appellant was served with the Grounds of Detention as well as copies of certain relied upon documents with translation thereof. ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2281 of 2014
04-01-2017 M/s. Patel Brothers v. State of Assam and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 49-50 of 2017
04-01-2017 State of U.P. and Ors. v. Abdul Ali and Ors. 
Delay condoned. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 95 of 2017
04-01-2017 Vijendra Singh v. State of Uttar Pradesh 
Filtering the unnecessary details, the facts which are necessary to be adumbrated for the adjudication of the instant appeals are that there was enmity between the accused, Dharam Pal and his family on the one side and Charan Singh, PW-1, on the other. Charan Singh, PW-1, Gajpal, PW...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1448 of 2010
04-01-2017 H.V.P.N. Ltd. & Ors. v. Bal Govind 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 94 of 2017
03-01-2017 Pepsu Road Transport Corporation, Patiala v. Amandeep Singh & Ors. 
This appeal has been filed by PEPSU Road Transport Corporation, Patiala against the judgment and order of Punjab and Haryana High Court dated 1st December, 2006 by which judgment the Regular Second Appeal filed by the appellant has been dismissed affirming the judgments a...
    Civil Appeal No. 3842 of 2011
03-01-2017 Kishore Bhadke v. State of Maharashtra 
These appeals are filed by the original accused No. 1 (Crl.A. No. 854/2010), accused No. 3 (Crl.A. No. 467/2010) and accused No. 6 (Crl.A. No. 11/2015)....
    Criminal Appeal No. 467/2010
03-01-2017 Centre For Public Interest Litigation v. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. & Ors. 
Prior to the establishment of Debt Recovery Tribunals, as on 30 September 1990, more than fifteen lakh cases filed by public sector banks and about three hundred and four cases filed by financial institutions were pending before various courts. ...
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 573 of 2003
03-01-2017 Board of Control for Cricket in India v. Cricke Association of Bihar & Ors. 
By our order pronounced on 2nd January, 2017 we had requested learned amicus curiae, Mr. Gopal Subramaniam, and Mr. Fali S. Nariman, learned senior counsel to assist us in nominating the members of the committee of administrators to be appointed in terms of the said order...
    Civil Appeal No. 4235 of 2014
03-01-2017 Jairam S/o Nathu Salunke v. State of Maharashtra & Anr. 
This appeal arising from S.L.P (Crl.) No. 8553 of 2015 challenges the Judgment and Order dated 30.03.2015 passed by the High Court of Bombay at Aurangabad in Criminal Application No. 1358 of 2012....
    Criminal Appeal No. 985 of 2016
03-01-2017 Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner, EPFO and Anr. v. The Management of RSL Textiles India Pvt. Ltd. thr. its Director 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 96-97 of 2017
03-01-2017 Delhi Development Authority v. Hardwari Lal Rana & Ors. 
Delay condoned....
    Civil Appeal No. 126 of 2017
02-01-2017 Vitusah Oberoi and Ors. v. Court of its Own Motion 
In these appeals, the appellants call in question the correctness of an order dated 11th September, 2007 passed by a Division Bench of the High Court of Delhi whereby the appellants have been found guilty of contempt and directed to remain present in person before the Hig...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1234 of 2007
02-01-2017 Allahabad Bank & Ors. v. Krishna Narayan Tewari 
The respondent was employed with the appellant-bank and was during the relevant period posted as Officer in-charge at the appellant-bank's Sultanpur branch in District Sultanpur in the State of Uttar Pradesh. He was, by an order dated 10th December, 2004, placed under sus...
    Civil Appeal No. 7600 of 2014
02-01-2017 Indira Jaising v. Supreme Court of India through Secretary General and Ors. 
We had on 21st October, 2016 heard learned counsel for the parties and the interveners at some length and reserved the matter for pronouncement of orders. ...
    Writ Petition (C) No.454 of 2015
02-01-2017 Board of Control for Cricket in India v. Cricket Association of Bihar & Ors. 
This proceeding is a sequel to the order and directions issued on 21 October 2016. In the previous order of this Court, the status report submitted by the three member Committee (consisting of Justice R M Lodha, Justice Ashok Bhan and Justice R V Raveendran) was taken up for conside...
    Civil Appeal No. 4235 of 2014
02-01-2017 Ram Chander & Ors. v. State of Haryana 
These appeals are filed against the common final judgment and order dated 12.08.2008 passed by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh in Criminal Appeal Nos. 448-DB and 395-DB of 1998 whereby the Division Bench of the High Court dismissed the appeals filed by the appella...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 658-659 of 2010
02-01-2017 Harjas Rai Makhija (D) Thr. Lrs. v. Pushparani Jain & Anr. 
The appellant (Harjas Rai Makhija represented by his legal representatives) is aggrieved by the judgment and order dated 3rd April, 2012 passed by the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur in FA No. 961 of 2010 whereby his appeal has been dismissed with costs of Rs. 25...
    Civil Appeal No. 11491 of 2016
02-01-2017 Imtiyaz Ahmad v. State of U.P. & Ors. 
This Court was concerned with the pendency of similar cases before the High Courts, where proceedings were stayed at the stage of the registration of an FIR, investigation, framing of charges or during trial, in exercise of the power conferred by Article 226 of the Constitution or S...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 254-262 of 2012
02-01-2017 Abhiram Singh v. C.D. Commachen (Dead) by Lrs. & Ors. 
The foundation for this reference relating to the interpretation of Section 123(3) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 to a Bench of seven judges has its origins in three decisions of this Court....
    Civil Appeal No. 37 of 1992
02-01-2017 Yash Pal & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors. 
The petitioners - twenty nine of men - have been engaged as porters in the Indian Army as casual labouror daily wage employees in the border areas of Rajouri, Jammu and Poonch....
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 616 of 2013
02-01-2017 Krishna Kumar Singh & Anr. v. State of Bihar & Ors. 
As far as the re-promulgation of an Ordinance is concerned, I am of opinion that the re-promulgation of an Ordinance by the Governor of a State is not per se a fraud on the Constitution. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 5875 of 1994
02-01-2017 Lucknow Development Authority v. Mazhar Khan @ Pappu and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 25 of 2017
16-12-2016 Delhi Development Authority v. Lajinder Singh & Ors. 
Delay condoned....
    Civil Appeal No. 12248 of 2016
16-12-2016 Delhi Development Authority v. Ajay Singh and Ors. 
Delay condoned....
    Civil Appeal No. 12239 of 2016

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