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13-06-2017 Association of Private Medical and Dental Colleges of Chhattisgarh v. State of Chhattisgarh and Ors. 
This petition is directed against the judgment and order passed by the High Court of Chhattisgarh whereby the petition filed by the petitioner for extending time for carrying out admissions to post graduate and superspeciality courses in Medical and Dental Colleges in the State of C...
    Special Leave Pettion (C) No. 16282 of 2017
13-06-2017 Labpur Teacher Training College v. National Council for Teacher Education & Ors. 
On being mentioned, I.A. No. 47063/2017 and I.A. No. 47064/2017 are taken on board....
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 401/2017
12-06-2017 Ms. Namita Sibal and Ors. v. Union of India and Ors. 
Heard learned counsel for the petitioners....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s). D 17447 of 2017
09-06-2017 Kamleshwar Patel v. Swaroop Narayan Dwivedi 
From the order dated 25th May, 2017 it is clear that the High Court has already fixed the date on 3rd July, 2017 for further examination of petitioner....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s). 16095/2017
09-06-2017 Ashish Ranjan and Ors. v. Union of India and Others 
We have heard learned counsel for the applicants, Shri Gaurav Sharma, learned counsel appearing for the Medical Council of India. Shri Ajit Kumar Sinha, learned senior counsel appearing for the Union of India and learned counsel for the State of Bihar....
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 76 of 2015
09-06-2017 Binoy Viswam v. Union of India & Ors. 
In these three writ petitions filed by the petitioners, who claim themselves to be pubic spirited persons, challenge is laid to the constitutional validity of Section 139AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Act’), which provision has been inserted by t...
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 247 of 2017
09-06-2017 Madanayya v. State of Maharashtra 
The undisputed facts are that the accused was married to Gatakka (PW.3). ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1675 of 2010
09-06-2017 M/s. Arihant Udhyog v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 8277 of 2017
09-06-2017 Satish Nirankari v. State of Rajasthan 
Pooja, daughter of Pramod Bhatnagar (Informant) went missing on November 01, 1995....
    Criminal Appeal No. 1074 of 2007
09-06-2017 Chhaya Devi and Anr. v. Jai Kumar Arya and Ors. 
Heard learned senior counsel for the petitioners....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No. 16274/2017
09-06-2017 Union of India and Another v. M/s. Kumho Petrochemicals Company Limited and Another 
On the demand raised by the indigenous industry, original/ordinary investigation concerning imports of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber (hereinafter referred to as the ‘product’) was taken up sometime in March 1996 for the purpose of levy of anti-dumping duty on the said import fr...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 008309-008310 of 2017
09-06-2017 Honda SIEL Cars India Ltd. v. Commissioner of Income Tax, Ghaziabad 
Assessee in all these appeals is Honda SIEL Cars Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Assessee”). ...
    Civil Appeal No. 4918 of 2017
08-06-2017 Dr. Narendra Soni & Ors. v. The State of Haryana & Ors. 
Heard Ms. Indu Malhotra, learned senior counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioner, Dr. Monika Gusain, learned counsel appearing on behalf of the respondent-State and Mr. Gaurav Sharma, learned counsel appearing on behalf of the Medical Council of India....
    Writ Petition (C) No. 403 of 2017
07-06-2017 Dr. Saurabh Dwivedi and Ors. v. Union of India and Ors. 
Applications for permission to file special leave petitions are allowed. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 8268 of 2017
07-06-2017 Firoz Ahmad v. U.P. Sugar and Cane Development Corporation Limited 
Heard learned counsel for the petitioner....
    Petition (s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No. 15855/2017
07-06-2017 Sukhbir Singh @ Satyaveer Singh v. The State of Uttar Pradesh 
Learned senior counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioner is permitted to implead the informant as one of the respondents....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No. 9249/2016
07-06-2017 Chaman Lal Khanna v. Vimal Chandok and Anr. 
Delay condoned....
    Petition for Special Leave to Appeal (Civil) No. D. No. 16877/2017
07-06-2017 Karan Singh v. The State of Punjab and Anr. 
Heard learned counsel for the petitioner....
    Petition (s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No. 4497/2017
06-06-2017 Rajitram Mourya v. State of Madhya Pradesh 
Heard learned counsel for the petitioner....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No(s)…../2017 (D. No. 14826/2017)
24-05-2017 V. Shantha v. State of Telangana and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Criminal Appeal No. 965 of 2017
23-05-2017 Shahajan Ali & Ors. v. State of Maharashtra Etc. 
he Appellant in Criminal Appeal No. 430 of 2014 was convicted for an offence under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘IPC’) and sentenced to life imprisonment....
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 458-459 of 2014
23-05-2017 Anjan Kumar Sarma & Ors. v. State of Assam 
The Appellants along with Jitendra Nath Kakati alias Jit Kakati were charged for committing offences under Section 302, 376(2)(g), 201 read with Section 34 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘IPC’). ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 560 of 2014
22-05-2017 Chandrasekar and another v. State 
The appellants stand convicted under Section 302 IPC to life imprisonment. Appellant Chandrasekar additionally stands convicted under Section 324 IPC to six months rigorous imprisonment....
    Criminal Appeal No. 1345 of 2012
19-05-2017 Dr. Bashab Bijoy Roy v. The State of Assam & Ors. 
Heard Mr. Parthiv K. Goswami, learned counsel for the petitioner....
    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No.-15502/2017
09-05-2017 State Represented by The Principal Secretary to Government, Home (Police XIX) Department and Others v. K.S. Palanichamy and Ors. 

property — Tamil Nadu protection of interests of depositors (in financial establishments) Act, 1997 — Ss. 3 and 5 — Appeal against the order of the high court setting aside an ad-interim order attaching the imm...

    Criminal Appeal No. 933 of 2017
09-05-2017 Shivashakti Sugars Limited v. Shree Renuka Sugar Limited & Ors. 

A. -->

    Civil Appeal No. 5040 of 2014
09-05-2017 Vaishali Abhimanyu Joshi v. Nanasaheb Gopal Joshi 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6448 of 2017
09-05-2017 Samir Vidyasagar Bhardwaj v. Nandita Samir Bhardwaj 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6450 of 2017
09-05-2017 M/s. Parle Agro (P) Ltd. v. Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Trivandrum 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal Nos. 6468-6469 of 2017
09-05-2017 M/s. Goel Roadways v. M/s. Indira Lodging Pvt. Ltd. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6451 of 2017
09-05-2017 Gangadharan Nair P. & Ors. v. Bhaskaran M. & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6452 of 2017
09-05-2017 Raj Dadarkar & Associates v. ACIT - CC-46 
The substantial questions of law which have been raised by the appellant in these appeals, which were also the questions before the High Court on which High Court has rendered the impugned judgment, are the following:...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 6455-6460 of 2017
09-05-2017 M/s. Lisie Medical Institutions v. The State of Kerala & Ors. 
This appeal is preferred against the order dated 18.07.2016 passed by the Division Bench of the High Court in Writ Appeal No. 1386 of 2016 which was filed by the appellant herein challenging the order of the learned single Judge whereby the writ petition of the petitioner has been d...
    Civil Appeal No. 6799 of 2017
08-05-2017 Bandaru Ramesh v. State of Andhra Pradesh 
The appellant has challenged the judgment and order dated 15.12.2006, passed by High Court of Judicature, Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad whereby said Court has dismissed the appeal, affirming the conviction and sentence recorded by the First Additional Metropolitan Sessions Judge, Hyde...
    Criminal Appeal No. 11 of 2008
08-05-2017 Eurotex Industries and Exports Limited & Anr. v. State of Maharashtra & Anr. 
These appeals arise from the judgment of the Bombay High Court dated June 10, 2013 by which the High Court has dismissed a batch of writ petitions wherein challenge was laid to the constitutional validity of the Maharashtra Value Added Tax (Levy, Amendment and Validation) Act, 2009 ...
    Civil Appeal No. 4491 of 2016
08-05-2017 Excel Crop Care Limited v. Competition Commission of India and Another 
An Inquiry in this case was initiated by the CCI on the basis of letter/complaint dated February 04, 2011 written by the Chairman and Managing Director of the FCI to the CCI....
    Civil Appeal No. 2480 of 2014
08-05-2017 Madhusudan Manikrao Kendre v. Ratnakar Manikrao Gutte and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6453 of 2017
05-05-2017 Samar Kumar Das v. State of West Bengal & Ors. 
Under the Rules, in case the applicant had completed 55 years of age or 20 years of service on the date of application for Voluntary Retirement (VRS), the State was bound to consider the application in terms of Rule 75(aaa). That is all what we intended in our Judgment....
    I.A. 3 of 2017 in Civil Appeal No. 3590 of 2017
04-05-2017 Dev Raj and Ors. etc. etc. v. State of Punjab and Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6346-54 of 2017
04-05-2017 Shivaji Shamrao Patil Since Deceased by his L.R. Ranjana Shivaji Patil & Ors. v. The Special Land Acquisition Officer, No. 14, Kolhapur, Maharashtra & Ors. 
Leave granted....
    Civil Appeal No. 6357 of 2017

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