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04-02-2016 Kerala Public Service Commission & Ors. v. The State Information Commission & Anr. 
In these two appeals the short question which needs consideration is as to whether the Division Bench of the Ker...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 823-854 of 2016
04-02-2016 Narayanrao Jagobaji Gowande Public Trust v. The State of Maharashtra and Ors. 

These appeals are directed against the common impugned judgment and order dated 29.8.2008 passed by the Division Bench of High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench, Nagpur in various Writ Petitions including Wr...

    Civil Appeal No. 870 of 2016
04-02-2016 Jaya Biswal & Ors. v. Branch Manager, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company Ltd. & Anr. 

The present appeal arises out of the impugned judgment and order dated 13.08.2014 passed in F.A.O. No. 472 of 2013 by the High Court of Orissa at Cuttack, wherein the learned single Judge reduced the amount of compens...

    Civil Appeal No. 869 of 2016
04-02-2016 S.N. Bhardwaj v. Archaeological Survey of India & Ors. 

Sultan Giyasuddin Tughlaq founded the Tughlak Dynesty and ruled during the period 1321-1325 A.D. He constructed the historic Tughlakabad Fort in Tughlakabad spreading over an area of about 3000 bighas and area-wise it...

    Civil Appeal No. 699 of 2005
03-02-2016 State of U.P. & Ors. v. Ravindra Kumar Sharma & Ors. 
The question involved in the appeal is as to the right of the appellant to verify the disability certificates is...
    Civil Appeal No…………. of 2016
03-02-2016 Sanjay Kumar Upadhyay v. Palak Dhari Yadav & Ors. 
These appeals are filed against the common judgment and order dated 05.10.2006 passed by the High Court of Judic...
    Civil Appeal No. 8068 of 2009
02-02-2016 Gulzari Lal v. State of Haryana 
The present appeal arises out of the impugned judgment and order dated 29.05.2012 passed in Crl. Appeal No. 367-...
    Criminal Appeal No. 92 of 2016
02-02-2016 Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited v. EMCO Limited & Another 

The 2nd respondent herein, the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission is a body constituted under Section 82 of the Electricity Act, 2003 (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”). In exercise of its st...

    Civil Appeal No. 1220 of 2015
02-02-2016 Noorahammad and Ors. v. State of Karnataka 

This criminal appeal by special leave is directed against the impugned judgment and order dated 02.06.2005 passed in Crl. A. No. 184 of 1999(A) by the High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore whereby partly allowing the a...

    Criminal Appeal No. 412 of 2006
02-02-2016 General Manager R.B.I. v. N. Venkateshaiah & Ors. 
The dispute in these appeals arose in the background of the supersession of two Co-operative Banks in the State ...
    Civil Appeal No………of 2016
01-02-2016 Nabam Rebia v. Registrar General, Gauhati High Court and Ors. 

In Writ Petition(C) No. 53 of 2016, on 27.01.2016, notice was issued to respondent No. 2 and liberty was granted inter alia to respondent No. 2 to file his counter affidavit, if any, by 29.01.2016. Additionally...

    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s). 876/2016
01-02-2016 Educational Society, Tumsar and Ors. v. State of Maharashtra and Ors. 

This appeal raises a short but significant question of law. Appellants herein is a society running a school. Said school is an aided institution which is provided aid to the extent of 100% by the State of Maharashtra ...

    Civil Appeal No. 670 of 2016
01-02-2016 Khursida Begum (D) by Lrs. & Ors. v. Komammad Farooq (D) by Lrs. & Anr. 

Validity of gift deed dated 24th February, 1976 executed by late Hazi Azimuddin in favour of the plaintiff Rafiuddin is the sole question for consideration. The courts below have held the same to be a gift ...

    Civil Appeal No. 2845 of 2006
01-02-2016 Laxmi Snacks Pvt. Ltd. v. Akshar Food Products 
The appellant approached this court aggrieved by the Order dated 24th November, 2015 passed by the Hi...
    Civil Appeal No(s). 702-712 of 2016
29-01-2016 M/s. Kothari Industrial Corporation Ltd. v. Tamil Nadu Electricity Board & Anr. 

These cases have been referred by a two-Judges Bench of this Court on the question as to whether, in the facts of the case, the principles of promissory estoppel can be invoked in favour of the appellants so as to ent...

    Civil Appeal No. 9748 of 2003
29-01-2016 M/s. Madras Petrochem Ltd. & Anr. v. BIFR & Ors. 
The present appeals raise interesting questions on the interplay between the Sick Industrial Companies (Special ...
    Civil Appeal Nos._614-615 of 2016
29-01-2016 Senior Divisional Commercial Manager & Ors. v. S.C.R. Caterers, Dry Fruits, Fruit Juice Stalls Welfare Association & Anr. 

The present appeals arise out of the impugned judgment and order dated 12.09.2013 passed by the High Court of Judicature of Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad in W.A. Nos. 1573-1575 of 2013, whereby the Division Bench of the...

    Civil Appeal Nos. 618-620 of 2016
29-01-2016 Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala v. M/s. K.T.C. Automobiles 

The Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala has preferred this appeal against judgment and order dated 20.3.2006 passed by the High Court of Kerala in MFA No. 1000 of 2002. The High Court exercisi...

    Civil Appeal No. 2446 of 2007
29-01-2016 Union of India & Ors. v. Saleena 
Calling in question the defensibility of the judgment and order dated 24.10.2015 passed by the High Court of Ker...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1251 of 2015
29-01-2016 Dharam Pal v. State of Haryana & Ors. 

Cry for fair trial by the accused as well as by the victim sometimes remains in the singular and individualistic realm, may be due to the perception gatherable from the facts that there is an attempt to contest on the...

    Criminal Appeal No. 85 of 2016
29-01-2016 Trained Nurses Association of India v. Union of India & Ors. 

Heard the learned counsel for the petitioner-Association, the learned Additional Solicitor Gene...

    Writ Petition (C) No. 527 of 2011
28-01-2016 Don Ayengia v. The State of Assam & Anr. 

These appeals arise out of a judgment and order dated 2nd April, 2014 passed by the High Court of Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh at Guwahati in Criminal Appeal No. 10 and Criminal Revision N...

    Criminal Appeal Nos. 82-83 of 2016
28-01-2016 Tmt. Kasthuri Radhakrishnan & Ors. v. M. Chinniyan & Anr. Civil Appeal No. 5158 of 2009 

This appeal is filed by the plaintiffs against the final judgment and order dated 11.07.2007 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Madras in Civil Revision Petition No. 337 of 2002 whereby the High Court allowed t...

    Civil Appeal No. 5158 of 2009
28-01-2016 Sachchidanand Gupta “Sachchey” v. State of U.P. Through Chief Secretary & Ors. 

By our order dated 16th December, 2015 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 301 of 2015 we had, in exercise of our power under Article 142 of the Constitution of India, appointed Justice Virendra Singh (Retd.) as t...

    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 872 of 2015
28-01-2016 State of Rajasthan v. Ram Kailash alias Ram Vilas 
This appeal by the appellant State is directed against the judgment and order dated 15.09.2008 passed by the Hig...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2454 of 2009
28-01-2016 Vipinchandra Vadilal Bavishi (D) by Lrs. and another v. State of Gujarat and others 

The appellants are aggrieved by the judgment and order dated 26.3.2010 passed by the Division Bench of Gujarat High Court dismissing the Letters Patent Appeal No. 740 of 2002 holding that the ...

    Civil Appeal No. 7434 of 2012
28-01-2016 Union of India v. Mohanlal & Anr. 

When this appeal came up for hearing before us on 11th April, 2012, it was contended by learned counsel for the appellant-Union of India that Standing Order No. 1 of 1989 dated 13th June, 1989 wh...

    Criminal Appeal No. 652 of 2012
28-01-2016 Bharat Aluminium Company v. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc. 

The residue of the Constitution Bench Judgment in Bharat Aluminium Company v. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc.[1] is the subject matter of the present appeal. At the instance of the ap...

    Civil Appeal No. 7019 of 2005
27-01-2016 Nabam Rebia v. Registrar General, Gauhati High Court and Ors. 

Mr. B.V. Balaram Das, Advocate accepts notice on behalf of the Union of India, and Mr. Vikas Singh Jangra, Advocate accepts notice on behalf of the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh.


    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s). 876/2016
27-01-2016 The Manager, VKNM Vocational Higher Secondary School v. The State of Kerala and others etc. 

By this judgment, we dispose of Civil Appeal arising out of Special Leave Petition(C) No. 33104 of 2014 also as both the appeals arise out of the common Full Bench Judgment of the Kerala High Court. The appellant in C...

    Civil Appeal Nos. 518-519 of 2016
27-01-2016 Indian Machinery Company v. M/s. Ansal Housing & Construction Ltd. 

The only question that has arisen in this appeal is whether a second complaint to the District Forum under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 is maintainable when the first complaint was dismissed for default or non-pr...

    Civil Appeal No. 557 of 2016
27-01-2016 Jivana Devi Yogendra Nath Adhar & Anr. v. Vimal Kumar Dayaram Makane (Roy) & Anr. 
The appellants approached the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai, aggrieved by an order passed by the Judicial M...
    Criminal Appeal No. 81 of 2016
27-01-2016 Asha Shrichand Raheja & Anr. v. Purushotam Vishandas Raheja 
The appellants approached this Court, aggrieved by the order dated 13.12.2011 passed by the High Court of Judica...
    Civil Appeal No. 564 of 2016
22-01-2016 Pooja Pal v. Union of India and Ors. 

The appellant, widow of slain Raju Pal, who at his death was a sitting M.L.A. of Uttar Pradesh State Assembly, is before this court in her relentless pursuit for securing investigation by the Central Bureau of Investi...

    Criminal Appeal No. 77 of 2016
22-01-2016 Indra Kaur & Ors. v. Royal Sundram Alliance Ins. Co. Ltd. & Anr. 

The appellants are the legal representatives of late Pratap Singh. He was a driver employed by respondent No. 2-Devendra Singh. During the course of employment, Pratap Singh met with an accident and died. The appellan...

    Civil Appeal No. 506 of 2016
22-01-2016 Heera Lal v. State of Haryana & Ors. 


    Civil Appeal No. 507 of 2016
22-01-2016 Raj Kumar v. Asstt. General Manager, State Bank of India 
The appellant is aggrieved since the order for reinstatement passed by the Labour Court has been interfered by t...
    Civil Appeal No. 508 of 2016
21-01-2016 Satish Kumar v. Karan Singh and Another 
The question that needs consideration in the instant appeal is as to whether the so called agreement to sell dat...
    Civil Appeal No. 7385 of 2013
21-01-2016 Dhiren Dave v. M/s. Surat Dyes & Ors. 

The appellant is aggrieved by the order passed by the Company Judge directing prosecution of the appellant for the offence punishable under Section 195 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, initiating proceedings f...

    Civil Appeal No. 3765 of 2006
21-01-2016 M/s. Karnataka Power Trans. Corp. Ltd. v. M/s. South Indian Sugar Mills Ass & Ors. 

It has come out that the plant and machinery owned by the respondent has already been sold in auction and, therefore, nothing survives in this appeal.

    Civil Appeal Nos. 5429-5430 of 2007

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