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21-11-2014 Sri Srikanta D.N. Wadiyar (D) Through LRs v. State of Karnataka and others 
Permit the State of Karnataka to widen the road in the adjoining areas of the Palace Ground, Ramana Maharshi Roa...
    Interlocutory Application No. 13 of 2011
20-11-2014 Center For Pil & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors. 
To protect and preserve the sanctity and the fair name of the institution including the reputation of the Office of the Director of CBI, we are not deliberately giving out elaborate reasons. It would suffice for us to observe that the information furnished by...
    I.A. Nos. 73 & 76/2014 in Civil Appeal No(s). 10660/2010
20-11-2014 The Principal Govt. Pre-University College & Anr. v. Mr. Jambu Kumar Mutha 
In OS No. 125 of 1996 plaintiff-respondent No. 1 in these appeals prayed for declaration of his title over the suit property, removal of unauthorised construction raised over the same and permanent injunction restraining defendants in the suit from interfering with the plaintiff's p...
    Civil Appeal No. 10418 of 2014
20-11-2014 R. Rajanna v. S.R. Venkataswamy 
The appellant filed a suit for declaration to the effect that gift-deed dated 12th August, 1982 executed by one Ramaiah was void and for a permanent prohibitory injunction restraining the defendant-respondent from alienating the suit schedule property or interfering with ...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 10416-10417 of 2014
19-11-2014 Union of India and others v. P. Gunasekaran 
Respondent, while working as Deputy Office Superintendent, Central Excise Third Division, Coimbatore was arrested by Police in a criminal case involving cheating and extortion of money. The police registered a criminal case under Sections 143, 319 and 420 of ...
    Civil Appeal No. _____ /2014
19-11-2014 D.R. Somayajulu, Secretary D.L.S. & Other S.E. Railway House Bldg. Co-op Society Ltd., Visakhapatnam v. Attili Appala Swamy 
These appeals challenge the correctness of order of Andhra Pradesh High Court passed in review application being W.P.M.P. No. 1540/2009 in Writ Appeal No. 1840/2008 dated 30.4.2011, setting aside the order dated 5.1.1982 passed by the competent authority determining an extent of 38,...
    Civil Appeal No. 10404 of 2014 [Arising out of SLP (Civil) No. 3489/2012]
19-11-2014 Jaiminiben Hirenbhai Vyas & Anr.v. Hirenbhai Rameshchandra Vyas & Anr. 
This appeal has been preferred by a wife and a minor daughter. The Family Court directed payment of interim maintenance to wife and minor daughter @ Rs. 6,000/- per month under Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Cr.P.C.’). Interi...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2435 of 2014
19-11-2014 Rakesh Baban Borhade v. State of Maharashtra & Anr. 
We have considered the submissions of the learned counsel for the appearing parties and perused the impugned order and the materials on record...
    Criminal Appeal Nos. 2446-2447 of 2014[Arising out of SLP (Crl.) Nos. 3527-3528/2014]
19-11-2014 K. Srinivas v. K. Sunita 
In these circumstances, we find that the Appeal is well founded and deserves to be allowed. We unequivocally find that the Respondent-Wife had filed a false criminal complaint, and even one such complaint is sufficient to constitute matrimonial cruelty....
    Civil Appeal No. 1213 of 2006
19-11-2014 Mumtaz @ Mumtyaz v. State of U.P. (Now Uttarkhand) 

“Application seeking permission taking additional documents on record is allowed. It is submitted by Mr. K.T.S. Tulsi, learned senior counsel that the appellant Dilshad @ Pappu was a juvenile on the date of o...

    Criminal Appeal No(s). 2084/2009
19-11-2014 Baljinder Kaur v. State of Punjab 
In Kamesh Panjiyar alias Kamlesh Panjiyar v. State of Bihar, (2005) 2 SCC 388, this Court considered the expression “soon before death” and held as under:-...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1142/2011
18-11-2014 Defence Research Education Society & Anr. v. Neeta Tuteja 
The appellant is managing a school, whereas the respondent was working as a Lower Division Clerk in the said school. As the respondent was consistently irregular in performance of her duties and because of some other misconduct, a show-cause notice calling upon her ...
    Civil Appeal No. 10384 of 2014
18-11-2014 Sudarshan Rajpoot v. U.P. State Road Transport Corporation 
Brief facts in nutshell are stated hereunder for the purpose of appreciating rival legal contentions with a view to find out as to whether the impugned judgment is required to be interfered with or not by this Court in exercise of its appellate jurisdiction.


    Civil Appeal Nos. 10353-10354 of 2014[Arising out of SLP (C) Nos. 31173-31174 of 2010]
18-11-2014 R.G.D'Souza v. Poona Employees Union & Anr. 
It was further contended by the learned senior counsel for the appellant that the High Court has erred in law in interpreting the phrase ‘mistake’ occurred under Section 10(b) of the Act stating that the legislative wisdom which excludes an act of mistake the power of review can...
    Civil Appeal No. 10129 of 2010
18-11-2014 Karuna Society for Animals & Nature & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors. 
The State Government shall provide them with the necessary transportation, expenses and other facilities befitting to the status of the representatives of this Court...
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 154 of 2012
17-11-2014 Balkar Singh v. State of Haryana 
In the present appeal, we are concerned only with A-10 who was convicted for the offence under Sections 120B and 302 read with Section 34 along with A-1 to A-4. The entire case against A-10 was based on circumstantial evidence. Therefore, before entering into the discussion about th...
    Criminal Appeal No. 606 of 2008
14-11-2014 Balaji Steel Re-Rolling Mills v. Commissioner of Central Excise and Customs 
He further submitted that Rule 20 of the Customs, Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1982 (in short ‘the Rules’) cannot be resorted to as the Section itself does not give power to the Tribunal to dismiss the appeal for want of prosecution....
    Civil Appeal No. 10265 of 2014
14-11-2014 Antony Cardoza v. State of Kerala 
This appeal by special leave to appeal arises out of judgment and order dated 18.03.2011 passed by the High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam in Criminal Appeal No. 249/2000(A) by which it was pleased to affirm the order of conviction and sentence recorded by the ...
    Criminal Appeal No. 19 of 2013
14-11-2014 Krishna @ Krishnappa v.State of Karnataka 
This appeal arises out of judgment and order dated 10.06.2008 passed by the High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore in Criminal Appeal No. 1360 of 2001 setting aside the judgment and order of acquittal passed by the Ld. XXV Additional Sessions Judge, Bangalore i...
    Criminal Appeal No. 162 of 2009
14-11-2014 Ratna @ Ratan Lal And Another v. State of Rajasthan 
This appeal by special leave to appeal arises out of final judgment and order dated 06.02.2014 passed by the High Court of Judicature for Rajasthan at Jodhpur in Criminal Revision Petition No. 165 of 1995 by which the High Court was pleased to dismiss the rev...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2298 of 2014
14-11-2014 Abdul Azeez P V. And Others v. National Investigation Agency 
The petitioners herein are accused Nos. 1 to 21 in Crime No. 276 of 2013 of Mayyil Police Station, registered under Sections 143, 147, 153(B) r/w Section 149 of the Indian Penal Code, u/s 5(1) r/w Section 25(1)(a) of the Arms Act, u/s 4 and 5 of the Explosive...
    Special Leave Petition (Criminal) No. 7733 of 2014
13-11-2014 K. Subramani v. K. Damodara Naidu 

This appeal is preferred against judgment and order dated 10.10.2013 passed by the High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore in Criminal Appeal No. 368 of 2009 wherein the High Court set aside the judgment of acquit...

    Criminal Appeal No. 2402 of 2014
13-11-2014 State of Madhya Pradesh v. Surendra Singh 
State of Madhya Pradesh has preferred this appeal by special leave against the judgment and order dated 22.8.2012 passed by learned Single Judge of High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Bench at Gwalior, who allowed the appeal, preferred by the respondent-accused, in...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2401 of 2014
13-11-2014 Ghanshyam Sarda v. M/s. Shiv Shankar Trading Co. & Ors. 
All these Special Leave Petitions arise out of a common judgment and order dt. 06.01.2014 passed by the High Court of Gauhati in FAO No. 10 of 2013 and Writ Petition Nos. 4303 of 2013 and 6286 of 2013 and are being disposed by this common judgment and order. ...
    Civil Appeal No. 10221 of 2014
12-11-2014 Embassy Hotels Pvt. Ltd. v. M/s. Gajaraj & Co. & Ors. 
The original plaintiff, C S Benjamin (Respondent No. 11) is now dead and is represented by his three daughters (for the sake of convenience they are being described as plaintiff). Respondent No. 1-M/s. Gajaraj & Co. was the original landlord of the suit property and as per its p...
    Civil Appeal No. 5884 of 2004
12-11-2014 Teeja Devi @ Triza Devi v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. 
Heard Mr. H.D. Thanvi, learned counsel for the appellant, Ms. Aishwarya Bhati, learned counsel for the accused respondents and Mr. Shiv Mangal Shama for the State of Rajasthan....
    Criminal Appeal No. 2398 of 2014
12-11-2014 M/s. Sharma Agro Industries v. State of Haryana & Ors. 
These civil appeals are directed against the common judgment and order dated 15.05.2007 passed in Civil Writ Petition No. 1956 of 2004 and Civil Writ Petition No. 6299 of 2004 by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh, upholding acquisition of lands of the appellants.
    Civil Appeal No. 6256 of 2009 and Civil Appeal No. 6350 of 2009
12-11-2014 Indian Council of Medical Research v. Shri T.N. Sanikop & Other 
These appeals arise out of judgment dated 23.03.2007 passed by the High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore in MFA Nos. 5723/2005, 5722/2005, 6332/2005 and 6868/2005 which arise out of award dated 31.03.2005 passed by the III Addl. Civil Judge (Sr. Dn.), Belgaum in L.A.C. Nos. 11/1999, ...
    Civil Appeal Nos. 10172-10175 of 2014
11-11-2014 Joginder Singh v. Union Territory of Chandigarh & Ors. 
As both the matters are identical, for the sake of brevity and convenience, we would deal with the facts of Civil Appeal No. 2325 of 2009, which are stated hereunder....
    Civil Appeal No. 2325 of 2009
11-11-2014 O.M. Cherian @ Thankachan v. State of Kerala & Ors. 
This appeal arises out of the judgment dated 27.11.2013 passed in Crl. Appeal No. 910/2006 by which the High Court of Kerala confirmed the conviction of the appellant/1st accused under Sections 498A and 306 IPC and also the sentence of imprisonment imposed on him....
    Criminal Appeal No. 2387 of 2014
11-11-2014 Ram Briksh Mall v. The State of (NCT of Delhi) & Ors. 

Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No(s). 8621/2014, decided on November 11, 2014 [Arising out of impugned final judgment and order dt. 13-10-2014 in CRLMA No. 15818/2014 passed by High Court of Delhi At ...

    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (Crl.) No(s). 8621/2014
11-11-2014 Collector Singh v. L.M.L. Ltd., Kanpur 
 Whether the punishment of dismissal from service of the appellant is disproportionate to the act of misconduct proved against the appellant and whether the concurrent findings of the Courts below need to be interfered with are the points falling for consideration in this appea...
    Civil Appeal No. 10125 of 2014
11-11-2014 Nar Singh v. State of Haryana 
This appeal is directed against the judgment dated 30.08.2012 passed in Crl. Appeal D-960-DB/2006 by the High Court of Punjab and Haryana dismissing the appeal of accused-appellant thereby confirming the conviction of the appellant under Section 302, IPC and sentence of rigorous imp...
    Criminal Appeal No. 2388 of 2014
10-11-2014 Charu Khurana & Others v. Union of India & Others 
The present writ petition preferred under Article 32 of the Constitution of India, exposes with luminosity the prevalence of gender inequality in the film industry, which compels one to contemplate whether the fundamental conception of gender empowerment and gender justice have been...
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 78 of 2013
10-11-2014 Sau Shaila Balasaheb Kadam v. Balasaheb Hindurao Kadam and ors. 

A. Family and Personal Laws — Hindu Law — S. 18 of the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 — S. 18 r/w S. 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — C...

    Civil Appeal Nos. 10086-10087 of 2014
07-11-2014 Mohan Singh and Ors. v. Prithvi Raj and Ors. 

Rent Control and Eviction — Eviction suit/trial — Offer made by the appellant, tenant for enhancement of Rent — Special leave petition though dismissed., liberty granted to the petitioners, tenant to put forth ...

    Petition(s) for Special Leave to Appeal (C) No(s). 28088/2014
07-11-2014 Dr. Balwant Singh v. Commissioner of Police & Ors. 

Tort Law — Nuisance — Private, public or common nuisance affecting anyone’s personal or/and property rights — His right to obtain necessary reliefs — Duty of State towards the citizens — Appellant, who retired as Director General of Police,...

    Civil Appeal No. 10024 of 2014
07-11-2014 Yusufbhai Noormohammed Jodhpurwala v. Mohmmed Sabir Ibrahim Byavarwala 


    Special Leave Petition (Civil) No. 735 of 2014
07-11-2014 Census Commissioner & Others v. R. Krishnamurthy 

Census Act, 1940 [as amended in 1993] — Ss. 8 and 7 — Census — Conduct of — Policy decision — Interference with — Judicial restraint — Need for — It is not within the domain of the court to legislate — Direction issued by High Court t...

    Civil Appeal No. 9996 of 2014
07-11-2014 E. Bapanaiah v. Sri K.S. Raju etc. 

A. Contempt of Court — Civil contempt — If made out — Punishment for — Company Law Board (CLB) directed respondent/Promoter Director of a Company to make repayment of amount due to the depositors — Res...

    Criminal Appeal Nos. of 2014

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