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15-04-2014 Karan Singh & Anr. v. State of Haryana 
The question before us is whether the appellants are guilty of an offence punishable under Section 304-B or under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). In our opinion, they are guilty of an offence punishable under Section 306 of the IPC.


    Criminal Appeal No. 666 of 2009
15-04-2014 Licil Antony v. State of Kerala & Anr. 

Petitioner Licil Antony happens to be the wife of detenu Antony Morris and aggrieved by the order dated 6th of November, 2013 passed by a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court in Writ Petition (Cri...

    Criminal Appeal No. 872 of 2014
15-04-2014 Prakash v. State of Karnataka 
The substantial issues raised in this appeal, in which the conviction is based on circumstantial evidence, primarily relate to the presence of the convict at the place and time of the murder of Gangamma, the analysis of the fingerprint evidence recovered from the place of incident a...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1682 of 2005
15-04-2014 National Legal Services Authority v. Union of India and others 
Seldom, our society realizes or cares to realize the trauma, agony and pain which the members of Transgender community undergo, nor appreciates the innate feelings of the members of the Transgender community, especially of those whose mind and body disown their biological sex. Our s...
    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 400 of 2012
15-04-2014 Kakali Ghosh v. Chief Secretary, Andaman & Nicobar Administration and Ors. 
This appeal has been directed against the judgment dated 18th September, 2012 passed by the High Court of Calcutta, Circuit Bench at Port Blair. By the impugned judgment, the Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court allowed the writ petition and s...
    Civil Appeal No. 4506 of 2014
15-04-2014 Ashok Rai v. State of U.P. & Ors. 
. There were eight accused. They were Bashisht Rai-A1, Jai Prakash Rai-A2, Ashok Rai-A3, Awadh Narain Rai-A4, Hirdaya Narain-A5, Umesh Chandra Rai-A6, Loknath-A7 and Ramnath Rai-A8. All of them were tried in Sessions Trial No. 215 of 1979. Bashisht Rai-A1 was...
    Criminal Appeal No. 1508 of 2005
11-04-2014 Annapurna v. Mallikarjun & Anr. 
The matter relates to an Execution Proceeding in which the Executing Court put a house bearing CTS No. 1610/B to auction and after rejecting the objections raised by the judgment-debtor, Respondent no. 1 herein, confirmed the Court Sale by issuing Certificate...
    Civil Appeal No. 4469 of 2014
09-04-2014 Muralidhar @ Gidda & Anr. v. State of Karnataka 
These three criminal appeals arise from the common judgment and, therefore, they were heard together and are being disposed of by the common judgment....
    Criminal Appeal No. 551 of 2011
09-04-2014 ABP Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. v. UOI & Ors. 

Delay condoned in Review Petition (Civil) No. 836 of 2014 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 408 of 2011.

    Review Petition (Civil) No. 837 of 2014
09-04-2014 Ram Singh & Ors. v. UOI 

Learned counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioners is permitted to serve notice to the office of the Attorney General.

    Writ Petition (Civil) No(s). 274 of 2014
07-04-2014 Gopakumar B. Nair v. C.B.I. & Anr. 

Penal Code, 1860 — Ss. 420/471 and 120-B — Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — Ss. 482 and 320 — Quashment of proceedings — Quashing non compoundable offences after out of court settlement — Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 — S. 13(2) r/w ...

    Criminal Appeal No. 831 of 2014
07-04-2014 Purnya Kala Devi v. State of Assam & Anr. 

Motor Vehicles — Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 — S. 2(30) — Appeal against the judgment and order of the High Court holding that the registered owner of the vehicle is liable to pay the compensation — Legality — Assam Requisition and Control of Ve...

    Civil Appeal No. 1672 of 2010
07-04-2014 Sudesh Dogra v. Union of India & Ors. 

Constitutional Law — Fundamental Rights — Writ petition setting out the failure of Jammu & Kashmir state government in preventing terrorist and other criminal activities in the state and also providing adequate relief and rehabilitation measure...

    Writ Petition (Criminal) No. 125 of 2013
07-04-2014 M/s. Indus Airways Pvt. Ltd. & Ors. v. M/s. Magnum Aviation Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. 

Negotiable instruments — Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 — S. 138 — ‘For discharge of any debt or other liability’  — Post-dated cheques issued as an advance payment in respect of purchase orders...

    Criminal Appeal No. 830 of 2014
07-04-2014 Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited and another v. M/s. Deepak Cables (India) Ltd. 

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — Ss. 11(5), (6) and 7 — Arbitration clause — Appointment of sole arbitrator — Appeal challenging the order of High Court appointing sole arbitrator on the ground of impugned clause cannot be construed as ...

    Civil Appeal No. 4424 of 2014
07-04-2014 Metal Powder Company Ltd. v. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. 

Insurance — Marine insurance policy — Exclusion clause — Insurance company is relied on a clause by which liability of the insurer is excluded in case of loss or damage arising from the insolvency or financial default of the owners etc. of the ve...

    Civil Appeal No. 481 of 2009
07-04-2014 Mallamma (Dead) By L.Rs. v. National Insurance Co. Ltd. & Ors. 

Workmen’s (Employees) Compensation Act, 1952 — S. 4 — Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 — Ss. 157(1) and 103 — Compensation claim — Liability of insurance company — Transfer of ownership of the vehicle — Effect of — Deceased who was returning ...

    Civil Appeal No. 1391 of 2009
07-04-2014 Smt. Leela Krishnarao Pansare and others v. Babasaheb Bhanudas Ithape and others 
Being aggrieved by the judgment delivered in First Appeal No. 1138 of 2009 by the Bombay High Court at Aurangabad on 14.1.2010, the appellants have approached this Court by way of this appeal....
    Civil Appeal No. 4433 of 2014
04-04-2014 Hitendra Singh S/o Bhupendra Singh & Ors v. Dr. P.D. Krishi Vidyapeeth by Reg. & Ors. 
These appeals arise out of a common Judgment and Order dated 16th August, 2012 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench whereby writ petitions No. 238, 247, 251 and 389 of 2012 filed by the appellants, herein, have been dismissed and the orders passed by the responde...
    Civil Appeal No. 4412 of 2014
04-04-2014 State of Rajasthan & Anr. v. C.P. Singh & Ors. 
State of Rajasthan has preferred this Civil Appeal to assail the judgment and order dated 19.3.2004 in S.B. Civil Second Appeal No. 136/1995. By the impugned judgment, the High Court allowed the Second Appeal, set aside the judgment and decree of Trial Court as well as the First Appellate Court and ...
    Civil Appeal No. 1195 of 2007
04-04-2014 Shri Jagdamba Prasad (Dead) thr. LRs. & Ors. v. Kripa Shankar (Dead) thr. LRs. & Ors. 

U.P. Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1953 — S. 48 — By admitting secondary evidence at revisional stage the revsional authority reversed the finding of the appellate authority — High Court confirmed the finding of the revisional authority — Lega...

    Civil Appeal No. 4457 of 2005
04-04-2014 Shiv Murat (D) by LRs. v. Satyawati & Ors. 
This appeal is filed by the appellant questioning the correctness of the judgment and final Order dated 3.8.2004 passed by the High Court of Judicature at Allahabad in Civil Misc. Writ Petition No. 9989 of 1985 urging various facts and legal contentions in ju...
    Civil Appeal No. 5766 of 2007
04-04-2014 A.T. Prakashan v. The Excise Inspector & Anr. 

Kerala Abkari Act, 1077 — Ss. 55(a), 8(1) [as amended by Act 10 of 1996] — Possession of 10 litres of arrack — Offence of — Conviction and sentence — Plea that the offence was committed in the year 1999 and hence, after coming into force of A...

    Criminal Appeal No. of 2014
04-04-2014 T.N. Generation & Distbn. Corpn. Ltd. v. PPN power Gen. Co. Pvt. Ltd. 

 A. Energy and Power — Electricity Act, 2003 — S. 86(1)(f) — State Commission — It exercises judicial functions of far reaching effect — The...

    Civil Appeal No. 4126 of 2013
04-04-2014 Vinod Kumar v. State of Kerala 

Penal Code, 1860 — Ss. 376, 417 and 419 — Appeal against concurrent conviction under S. 376 — High Court set aside conviction under Ss. 417 and 419 — Rape — Prosecutrix consented to sex under the belief that the appellant accused is not a mar...

    Criminal Appeal No. __ of 2014
03-04-2014 Babubhai Bhimabhai Bokhiria & Anr. v. State of Gujarat & Ors. 

A. Criminal Trial — Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — S. 319 — Summoning any person not being the accused — Propriety — Murder trial — Note/Letter alleged...

    Criminal Appeal No. 735 of 2014
03-04-2014 A.P.N.G.O.'s Association v. Government of Andhra Pradesh & Others 

Charitable and Religious Endowments — A.P. Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowments Act, 1987 — S. 80 — Alienation of immovable property — Restrictions on — Relevant considerations to be c...

    Civil Appeal No. 4383 of 2014
03-04-2014 Harshad Govardhan Sondagar v. International Assets Reconstruction Co. Ltd. & Ors. 

A. Debt, Debt Recovery and Relief — Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 — Ss. 13(2) and (13) and 35 — Possession of secured assets — ...

    Criminal Appeal No. 736 of 2014
02-04-2014 Bishnu Biswas & Ors. v. Union of India & Ors. 

A. Service Law — Appointment — Selection process — Change of criteria of selection in the midst of selection process by earmarking equal marks for both the wr...

    Civil Appeal Nos. 4255-58 of 2014
01-04-2014 V. Kala Bharathi & Ors. v. The Oriental Ins. Co. Ltd., BR. Chitoor 

A. Motor Vehicles — Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 — S. 166 — A.P. Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 — R. 472 — Civil Procedure Code, 1908 — Or. 21 R. 1 — Award of...

    Civil Appeal No. 3056 of 2008
01-04-2014 Kalpesh Hemantbhai Shah v. Manhar Auto Stores Through its Partner & Ors. 
These appeals have been preferred by the appellant-landlord against the judgment and decree dated 23rd February, 2010 passed by the Single Judge of the High Court of Judicature at Bombay, Nagpur Bench in Writ Petition No. 5521 of 2009 and the judgment and decree dated 1
    Civil Appeal Nos. 4266-4267 of 2014
01-04-2014 Naushad Anwar & Ors. v. State of Bihar & Ors. 

Service law — Judiciary — Pension — High Court Judges (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Act, 1954 — Writ petitions are filed by filed by former judges of the v...

    Civil Appeal No. 4270 of 2014
01-04-2014 Manmohan Sharma v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. 

Service Law — Appointment as primary school teachers — Award of bonus marks based on the domicile of the candidates — Complaints received by the Government alleging that fraudulent and irregular appointments in...

    Civil Appeal No. 4294 of 2014
01-04-2014 Union of India v. V. Sriharan @ Murugan & Ors. 

We have carefully gone through the review petition and the connected papers. We find no merit in the review petition and the same is accordingly dismissed.

    Review Petition (Crl.) Nos. 247-249 of 2014
31-03-2014 Navneet Kaur v. State of NCT of Delhi & Anr. 

Criminal law — Constitution of India — Art. 72 — Writ petition and further review petition seeking commuting the death sentence to imprisonment for life on the grou...

    Curative Petition (Criminal) No. 88 of 2013
31-03-2014 P. Ramakrishnam Raju v. Union of India & Ors. 

Service law — Judiciary — Pension — High Court Judges (Salaries and Conditions of Service) Act, 1954 — Writ petitions are filed by filed by former judges of the v...

    Writ Petition (Civil) No. 521 of 2002
31-03-2014 State of Bihar & Ors. v. Rajmangal Ram 

Criminal law — Appeals against the order of the High Court by which criminal proceedings instituted against the respondents hav...

    Criminal Appeal No. 708 of 2014
31-03-2014 Gowri v. Shanthi and Anr. 

Civil procedure Code, 1908 — Civil suit — Appeal — Appeal against judgment and order of High Court partly allowing the appeal filed by the respondents thereby relegated parties to fresh proceedings on the premi...

    Civil Appeal No. 4245/2014
31-03-2014 Reliance Industries Ltd. & Ors. v. Union of India 

A. Arbitration — Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — S. 11(6) — Appointment of third and presiding arbitrator — Prayer for — Production Sharing Contr...

    Arbitration Petition No. 27 of 2013
31-03-2014 Ramesh Vithal Patil v. State of Karnataka and Ors. 

Criminal Law — Penal Code, 1860 — Ss. 498-A, 304-B r/w S. 34 — High Court reversed judgment of trial court and convicted th...

    Criminal Appeal No. 56 of 2006

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